11 die on Nakuru highway as truck rams into six cars

Kurunzi - Nakuru Highway accident
Accident along Nakuru highway

At least eleven people were Friday morning killed following an accident near Kikopey on the Nakuru-Nairobi highway.

Nakuru County Commissioner Erastus Mbui said the accident occurred after a trailer rammed into six vehicles, among them a matatu. Mbui says the truck’s brakes failed while it was ascending the climbing lane towards Nakuru.

“We have had a very serious accident this morning here involving at least five vehicles three of which I could say were extensively damaged and it is as a result of suspected brakes failure where the lorry lost control as it ascended the hill,” he stated. “As a result, it hit the first vehicle and veered off the road.”

He says those critically injured have been taken to the St Mary’s Mission and Gilgil sub-county hospitals.

“The second impact was hitting a matatu which is registered to carry 10 passengers and together with the driver that makes 11. The matatu was travelling from Nakuru to Nairobi and this happened at about 9am in the morning,” he said.