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What embattled Governor Waiguru told Senate committee at start og her impeachment hearing

Kirinyaga Governor, Anne Waiguru, faced her accusers – the County Assembly of Kirinyaga before the Senate Special Committee that is hearing her impeachment trial. Shortly after the charges were read to her by Senate Clerk, the former Cabinet Secretary made her opening address to the committee in a 17-minute speech …

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Kenyans must rise to protect the Sports Disputes Tribunal from Mwendwa onslaught

It is unfortunate that the sports industry in Kenya has, lately, been subjected to ridicule and degenerating actions thanks to corrupt merchants of impunity from within the Football Kenya Federation. FIFA rules are crystal clear on the use of mainstream (ordinary) courts to resolve disputes and otherwise prefer and support …

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How ‘Cops’ shaped public opinion about police and people of color over the last 30 years

When a writers’ strike paralyzed the television industry in the late 1980s, networks were forced to find new, alternative programs to fill its air.  That’s how “Cops” found a home on Fox Television. The low budget program, which had no union writers, was a welcome solution — and it ran for …

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