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EDITORIAL: Labour CS, PS inaction over CWSK accounts freeze a big injustice to children schools reopen

Today, millions of Kenyan children return to school to begin a new level in their academic progression and this comes at a time when many a citizen are crying of tough economic times.

As tough as the financial fortunes maybe for many in Kenya, parents have dug deep to ensure they get the children ready for the back to school season.

However, there are tens of thousands of children who are deprived of that privilege of having their parents work their socks off to ensure they go back to school. Some of those children are hopeless as there is no help from any quarters but a section of them are fortunate enough to be under the care of children welfare organisations.

Sadly, children under the Child Welfare Society of Kenya, who have over the years benefitted from the generosity of the organisation’s trustees and other philanthropic citizens of the world now stare at the possibility of not reporting to school this week.

Reason for this, child trafficking cartels entrenching their influence in a manner that leaves the children destitute and worse off simply because they want to bring an organisation they view as a stumbling block to their illicit business.

Their vicious fight saw CWSK accounts frozen, bringing operations at the organisation to a near-halt so as to paint the trustees and management in bad light but God intervened through Justice David Majanja, who order d the accounts reopened, with Labour Principal Secretary as one of the signatories alongside two trustees.

is the court order that the Principal Secretary and his boss the Cabinet Secretary have been reluctant to effect. PHOTO/KURUNZI

Days after the order was issued and in spite of the fact that there are urgent matters that CWSK leadership to access their funds, PS Nelson Marwa is yet to take any action to effect the order and has remained mum. He was in court on 24 December 2019 when Justice Majanja made the ruling.

So today the children under the care and facilitation of CWSK may not be reporting to school except in cases where should would be understanding enough to allow the children in school pending the resolution of the malicious stalemate.

Their school fees and other related costs cannot be met because the management cannot access money in all their accounts.

Kurunzi stands with the children of Kenya, especially those affected by this unfortunate war by child exploiters against the management of CWSK.

Reason would guide those waging this war to keep the children off their battles, allow accounts to be reopened for the sake of the children welfare.

We understand how entrenched interests are but children’s rights campaigners and welfare activists must now raise their voice and call out those fighting Kenyan children in the name of seeking to turn around a government ban on adoption of Kenyan children by foreigners. This adoption has been the main avenue through which child trafficking syndicates have exploited Kenyan children.

As we conclude this editorial, it would be incomplete if we failed to ask Labour Cabinet Secretary Ukur Yattany to come out and be heard on this matter. Children’s welfare matters should be his priority and his loud silence leaves many questions than answers.

CS Yattany, like his predecessors, have always come out to intervene on matters of industrial unrest within the public or private sector but their hesitation to do the same when the children of Kenya are affected is unacceptable.

Lastly, president Uhuru Kenyatta as the patron of the CWSK and having been sworn in to protect the Constitution and be the president of all Kenyans has a duty to end the shenanigans by directing the CS to act accordingly in the event that CS Yattany and PS Marwa fail to do the right thing.

A day longer without action is a time too long and an injustice to the children under the care of the CWSK or any other child welfare organisation that maybe victim of this vicious fight.

Enough said!

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