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FKF elections: Branches, sub-branches poke holes into electoral code, call for raft of changes, involvement of stakeholders in process

Majority of Football Kenya Federation branches and sub-branches have rejected several proposals contained in the new electoral code that was distributed by the national office.

Following a decision of the Sports Disputes Tribunal that the federation elections processes be subjected to public participation, the FKF distributed a new code for deliberation and feedback by the grassroots level stakeholders who have poked holes on several provisions of the code.

Among the changes they want is to have the polls conducted from the grassroots level, a number of sub-branches pushing to have the elections conducted as per the 2011 model where voting was done on the same day with more than 3,000 clubs taking part.

They want all Kenyans above the age of 18 years to be allowed to contest as long as they meet the constitutional requirements for elections in the country. Mwendwa is facing serious criticism for wanting to lock out certain individuals by saying only FKF members are eligible to contest.

Also, they want the requirement to have the presidential and chairmen contestants nominate a running mate dropped and nomination fees reduced drastically.

The branches want the involvement of all stakeholders in appointing the electoral board and an independent appeals board, whose decisions can be challenged at the SDT.

This has left Nick Mwendwa, the FKF president, confused over what to do next to have his grip on the process that is now seemingly out of his hands.


World-governing body, FIFA, has put Mwendwa under pressure with a directive that elections must be held by 10 February 2020, only allowing a month’s extension should that become necessary.

It remains to be seen how he will navigate through this latest twist that further compounds his woes. The government is conducting an audit on how hundreds of millions given to FKF by the ministry of sports has been spent, while FIFA is also probing the whereabouts of KSH125 million given from Zurich for the purchase of Outside Broadcasting equipment.

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