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Gaming: BetLion lowers virtual games minimum stake

BetLion, Africa’s leading online gaming platform, who recently introduced a new game to the gaming industry known as ‘Piga Pena’, has now reduced the minimum stake for playing the game, from KSh20, to KSh5 per bet placed.

The lowered stake would now mean increased opportunities for players to place even more bets while trying to predict the different outcomes of the game.

“We always strive to make our games more fun, and playable for everyone. We felt if we lowered the stake, then this Piga Pena game now would be easily playable for anyone that wants to try their luck, giving players more flexibility with how they can place bets on different possible outcomes,” said Managing Director of BetLion Kenya, Spencer Okach.

BetLion also operates a virtual football gaming product dubbed the BetLion V-League, which operates on zero cost to a customer’s data.

The V-League runs for continuous seasons with 20 virtual teams taking part. The teams reflect real-team and real-player performance parameters, with each game shown in a highlight mode consisting of halves that last 90 seconds each.

“With its use of real team names, and realistic representation of actual popular leagues, combined with its huge variety of betting options such as; draw no bet, double chance, total match goals as well as additional outright markets. These product is a joy for our customers,” Okach said.

BetLion also boasts the Pick Six Jackpot whose prizes range from Sh500,000, to KSh1 million with a guaranteed bonus prize of KSh50,000 given to any player with the most correct predictions.

Okach said that with the Pick Six Jackpot guarantees bonus cash prize will be shared, in the event there is more than one player with the most correct predictions.

“This new guaranteed bonus continues to showcase that everyone who plays with us, is already a winner.”

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