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My advice to Jubilee ‘factions’: You cannot fight a govt you are part of

Jubilee Party, the country’s ruling coalition has one centre of power in the name of President Uhuru Kenyatta, who as the party leader commands the direction of the party and offers guidance. His principal assistant is the substantive Deputy President of the Republic of Kenya.

Recent events, over the past several months, have some of us members of the party at a loss and unable to comprehend the logic or reasoning informing utterances by some of our colleagues in the party.

It has puzzled me on many an occasion hearing the utterances of some of members of parliament, elected on our party ticket during public rallies, including funerals and church functions and; in all honesty; I hide my head in shame.

This business of being in Tanga Tanga, people belonging to this or that movement of the party has and will never make sense at all; regardless of the narrative being peddled out there.

Same government

The question that those going around the country trying to persuade the country that they belong to a certain faction of the party to a point of opposing or trying to stand in the way of the same government they are part of is beyond comprehension.

It is painful that majority of those speaking against the government are allies of or are perceived to be bosom friends of DP William Ruto, a man for whom I have tremendous respect and admiration for his eloquence and, above all, being a brilliant political genius.

For the record and avoidance of any doubt, Dr William Samoei arap Ruto – the Deputy President of the Republic of Kenya is a very good friend of mine and in many ways has shaped my political philosophy and thinking.

But I am a believer in the old adage that that it is those who love and respect the king that tells him of his nakedness. So, because of my respect for the DP, I want to be the one calling out this sad state of affairs – his people are letting him down and by so doing they are putting him on a collision path with his boss.

Disgrace to party

The recklessness with which some of the members of parliament from the Rift Valley make their statements in the name of supporting my friend the DP or attacking his perceived enemies is a disgrace to the party that sponsored them to the August House.

Whereas that, in itself, may not be the problem, I have been a disappointed Jubilee Party member that my friend the DP has never come out to reprimand the fellows ‘hurling insults’ in the name of defending him.

It is of greater concern to me when some of the leaders have turned their attacks against President Kenyatta.

How my friend and deputy leader of my party has been silent as his allies attack his boss in his name, a boss who has never said anything against his deputy is something I wish point out so that he can put the record straight to us who equally believe in him and subscribe to his credentials as the best successor to our party leader as the next Chief Executive of the country we all love – our motherland Kenya.

I have no recollection of any statement made by President Uhuru Kenyatta that attacked or seemed to suggest he (President Kenyatta) had sidelined his deputy for the Rift legislators and ilk to turn against the Head of State as they have.

Showed direction

DP Ruto must now come out and guide his lieutenants to calm their nerves and focus on the country’s development as he has repeatedly said. He must never allow them to draw a wedge between him and his best friend because it is detrimental to the very objective for which they came together against very many odds, especially in 2013.

I dare say that this country’s stability has come as a result of the decision made by President Kenyatta to go for the handshake with ODM leader Raila Odinga. The president, who is our party leader has clearly showed the direction we need to go as the ruling party and as a country.

The President in his wisdom has maintained that it is time to work together for the good of the country and do politics when the time is right. It is defiance for people to defy our party leader and hit the campaign trail as if elections are around the corner – 2022 is not next year so let us imbibe in the presidential wisdom and forge the unity way.

I will sign out by reminding my friends traversing the country preaching factional Jubilee politics that there is no wisdom in opposing the same government they helped to form.

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