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Nairobi man accused of indoctrinating women congregants, living off their savings in turns

A Nairobi-based man, who runs a church by the name Beullah Community Church, is at the centre of a storm that also involves u United States-based Christian community.

Pastor Arnold Kirubi, who was expelled from ministering at the Karura Community Church after complaints from men who accused him of sleeping with their wives and luring them into giving their savings as tithe, founded his own church and is now facing accusations of running a cult-like church.

A source has confirmed that, prior to his expulsion from Karura, Kirubi admitted to sleeping with a member of the Karura Community Church congregation from who he had received KSh300,000, which “he agreed to give back but has not done so to date”.

He allegedly used his position as a pastor lure women into prayer meetings and later preyed on them sexually.

“The first time, it was a church member who came and complained that Pastor Arnold Kirubi was sleeping with his wife,” the source said, adding:  “They were all called for a meeting and the all blamed the devil, and because the church lives as Christ would, they forgave him.”

Three other similar complaints followed, leading to the church leadership to expel ‘Pastor’ Kirubi from the church. Our source says the four homes have broken down as a result.

“The issue was that apart from sleeping with women in the church, he also got them to give him their life savings as the tithe. All these women never told their husbands,” another source adds.

Kirubi is also accused abandoning his wife to and moving in with the first member of his new church – a woman whose wedding he had officiated four years ago.  

“He immediately converted her to his church and soon and in no time she made him a director in her business,” claims a relative of the woman, who lives in Embakasi’s Nyayo estate.

“They could go for work, get paid and immediately, 25% of the total amount would be given to this man as tithe. The business she is in has very low margins, about 15% to 20% so when she gives out tithe before she pays taxes and overheads, she is basically running at a loss.

“It took only six months and the woman’s business has collapsed.”

The sister to the woman also joined the church and the family now fears the Kirubi, who has moved to her house, will lead her to the same fate as the other sister, who is now “broke, jobless and depressed”.

“She quit a well-paying job and left her husband. ‘Pastor’ Arnold Kirubi has now moved into her house and they are living off her savings.”

Another source in the know says “He was a pastor Karura Community Church before his ways caught up with him, and he was expelled. He then went on and formed his own church called Beullah community church. From that church, he indoctrinated two sisters, who both abandoned their families. It has been a court case for the kids that left with the moms to be reunited. He abandoned his own that, he wedded in 2005 and they had a son.

It is now feared that Kirubi, whose first wife has sued for child support at the Children’s Court, could be targeting other unsuspecting women to make a livelihood out of them.

He is also expected to travel to the US at the invitation of Small Group Network, a US Christian community, which has appointed him as the representative in East Africa.

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