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Nyamweya gives strong hint at return to football administration

Veteran football administrator Sam Nyamweya has hinted he could return to the limelight, just four years after he announced he had exited the stage.

Kurunzi Sport has laid its hands on a yet-to-be released press statement in which the founding president of Football Kenya Federation says he was “deeply considering the requests of the stakeholders who I have been in communication with“.

In the statement, Nyamweya laments how his successor had overseen the game to lowest ebb, suggesting Nick Mwendwa’s team had failed to deliver on its promise.

“This is an office that came in on the premise of CHANGE, has our game changed for the better? Certainly not,” he says in the statement.

“It is rather unfortunate that while the current regime has tried to use my period in leadership as a yardstick to the strides they have made, they have miserably failed and the game is crying for a better management.”

High handedness

He cites a number of failures under Mwendwa, including poor management of leagues, sponsors’ apathy, haphazard change of the league calendar and high handedness in dealing with Kenyan Premier League clubs.

“The current FKF regime hurriedly effected changes to the football calendar season without carefully and thoughtfully considering the impact of their decision on the Players and Clubs. This sudden transition has disenfranchised the clubs and negatively impacted on their budgets in an effort to align to the said changes.

“It is sad that today, the NSL clubs are being forced to shoulder the burden for the payment of referees. This is bound to create undue advantage for clubs with strong financial muscles who may influence the match officials to tilt the results of the matches in their favour thus killing the whole aspect of fair competition in sport.

“… It is my view that the federation must now be made to answer this pertinent question – has the current office as constituted delivered on their pre election promises?”

Nyamweya, who previously served as Secretary General of the now-defunct Kenya Football Federation between 1996 and 2000, accuses Mwendwa of “chasing away sponsors”, making unilateral decisions and interfering with the independence of KPL.

Make announcement

“The Federation arbitrarily and unilaterally compelled the KPL to increase the number of clubs in the league from 16-18 without injecting any further funding to cushion against increased expenses occasioned by the additional teams.

“KPL also lost a US Dollars 9 million partnership with Radio Africa. The result has been evident, clubs are now facing serious financial crunch and may fold up soon. For the first time in its history, some clubs have awarded walkovers.

“It is quite a shame that the Federation has opted not to renew the KPL Licence to run the top tier League and want to take over the running of the league. Question, if the Federation has failed to manage the National Super League and the women’s league, how will they manage the KPL?”

He handed over the rein to Mwenda on 10 February 2016 but he says “I am soon going to make an announcement on my position on the way forward”.

From the discussions and the frustration expressed by these principal stakeholders, it is evident that the beautiful game has sunk to its lowest ebb… Granted that I have shied away from actively intervening because of the promise I gave when I handed over to the current regime.

“That notwithstanding and in view of the passionate appeal and in an effort to redeem the beautiful game from eminent collapse, I am deeply considering the requests of the stakeholders who I have been in communication with.”

FKF will hold annual general meeting in Nairobi on 5 October where the elections will be discussed, electoral code adopted and a body to oversee the exercise appointed.

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