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SHOPIZY: New fashion shopping mobile application launched in Kenya

A fresh and new shopping mobile application, called SHOPIZY, has just been launched in Kenya to facilitate online fashion shopping for Kenyans from Kenyans.

During the launch, they unveiled the 150 retail partner shops already enlisted to serve Kenyans in the fashion space.

At the event, ShopIzy Chief Operating Officer David Otieno also mentioned that they are very intentional to work with and support Kenyan businesses in the digital trade space where most of the Kenyan businesses are struggling to cope up because of insufficient technical skills and the cost of new customer acquisition in online trading.

He added that Kenyan businesses are spending so much in order to acquire a single new customer online.

He also mentioned that the two main problems they are sorting out for Kenyan fashion lovers is access and convenience at a better price every day.

ShopIzy is a mobile and web application software that is built to solve the challenge of a hectic physical shopping experience by automating this experience and making it completely easy and convenient for customers to shop for quality fashion products in a centralized marketplace.

ShopIzy is also meant to open up the fashion and lifestyle marketplace for both the fashion retailers and manufacturers so they can freely register and sell their products without much rules and regulations.

ShopIzy will provide a mobile first and fast mobile solution to the disintegrated retail shopping industry by creating a fashion centric online marketplace to enable SME’s be able to compete on a level playing field with the larger retailers.

“We have keenly studied the Kenyan market and we noticed how decentralized the fashion and lifestyle market is with every retailer, manufacturer or clothing line selling their products online on various disintegrated websites or social media pages,” CEO Amos Okoth said.

“Social Media explosion has been such a game changer and cannot be ignored anymore and in the last two years retailers have struck gold selling their products in their individual social media pages. Online shopping is now shared between e-commerce websites and social media sites.

“It is with this conviction that we built an application that is able to provide a solution for the very savvy and versatile fashion and lifestyle shoppers that now demands convenience and easy access especially when shopping online.

“The app will also bring an exclusive everyday experience to its customers, the kind of experience that feels like a “Black Friday” experience every day or an “Expo Open Day” experience every day with the best price deals, variety of different products and one that is easy to use.

“Thinking about it, why do we have to wait 12 months for Black Friday? Why do we have to wait so many weeks to have an EXPO’s, when we could have an everyday EXPO market model working for us in ShopIzy.”

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