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Unpacking Tatu Kamau anti-FGM laws case and whats at heart of medic’s case

Towards the end of October 2019, the world watched and keenly followed a case  where a ‘proudly African woman’ has petitioned the Kenyan judiciary to find that laws prohibiting female genital mutilation be declared unconstitutional because the 2012 legislation criminalizes female circumcision. Dr Tatu Kamau, a woman of the Kikuyu tribe in Kenya and a practising medical doctor of many years, has caught …

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Tatu Kamau: How medic made her case as anti-FGM laws case hearing commenced

When she first made her petition before the High Court in Machakos, Dr Tatu Kamau, a medical doctor of more than 30 years, declared that she is proud of her Kikuyu tradition of female circumcision.  It took the world by surprise that a woman of her stature could petition the judiciary to declare all laws prohibiting female genital mutilation unconstitutional.  The …

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Tatu Kamau petition: How landmark case in Kenyan court has sounded hitherto unheard voices

Thursday, 24 October 2019 will mark a momentous day as the hearing of a landmark case begins. High Court of Kenya petition 244/2019 is challenging the constitutionality of laws and policies criminalizing female genital mutilation as it were, the petitioner – Dr Tatu Kamau saying the Prohibition of FGM Act …

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Landmark case seeking to reverse anti-FGM laws set for hearing at High Court

A three-judge bench is expected start the hearing of a ground-sweeping petition case filed by a medical doctor seeking to find anti-Female Genital Mutilation laws in Kenya unconstitutional. The petition filed by Dr Tatu Kamamu also wants the Anti-Female Genital Mutilation Board, headed by chairperson – Agnes Pareiyo, disbanded. “A …

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