The Struggle For Relevance: Hassan Joho Copies Ex-Ghana President In Latest Publicity Gimmick

Joho imitates Ghana president

Kurunzi Joho traffic
Joho traffic

Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho is a man known to love being the centre of attention.

He has successfully pulled several public stunts, many that have left gullible Kenyans showering him with praise for doing some of the most mediocre things.

To be fair to him, Joho has done some incredible things as well; like his unbelievable transformation from an old coastal politician with minimal sense of fashion to one of the biggest Instagram socialites of our time.

The problem with this self-proclaimed “Sultan”, just like many other Kenyan politicians, is he never quite understands when to stop.

In his constant struggle to show the younger voting generation that he is “in touch” with them, Joho has ended up doing some of the most ridiculous things; like singing along to Tanzanian artiste Ali Kiba’s songs and doing the famous Nigerian “Shaku Shaku” dance all “just for the gram”.

One of those incidences was when the good Governor decided to borrow a leaf from former Ghanaian President J.J Rawling who was recently caught on camera channeling his inner traffic marshalling skills in the streets of Accra.
Former President Rawlings directing traffic in Ghana. COURTESY

The struggle is indeed real!