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What President Kenyatta said about surge in tensions among families, teenage pregnancies and domestic violence

Turning to the social front as my last point, I am concerned by increasing tensions within our homes. Cases of Gender-Based Violence have increased, mental health issues have worsened, and instances of teenage pregnancy have escalated.

I appeal to social institutions, including the religious institutions, to exercise civic responsibility to bring these unfortunate trends to an end.We must always remember that the family is a projection of the State.

If the family is under attack, the State is under attack. If the family is weak, the country is weak.Therefore, to fortify our protection of the family as the foundation of the State, I further Direct and Order that the National Crime Research Centre to probe:

i. the escalating cases of gender-based violence

ii. the worrying trend of cases where the girl child has been disempowered

iii. the violation of children’s rights.

In that regard, the Centre is further directed to prepare an advisory to our security agencies on remedial action within 30 days from the date hereof and initiate immediate prosecution of all violators.

Finally, and as a fact of history, a crisis has two elements to it. The first is danger, the second is opportunity.

Success is given to the person who exploits the opportunity and evades the danger.

And to exploit the opportunities given to us as we re-open, our mind-set must be that of a maker-of-things.

We must remain positive because a “…Positive Nation is a FORWARD moving nation”.

Kenya mbele leo kesho na milele. We must all endeavor to return the river to its course.

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