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WorldRemit launches new product for business payments from UK to Kenya

Kenyan entrepreneurs and contractors selling goods and services to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the United Kingdom can now receive payments faster and more conveniently following the launch of WorldRemit for Business.

The new service enables UK-based SMEs to quickly pay their employees and contractors in 150 countries worldwide, including fast-growing emerging markets such as Kenya, Ghana and South Africa.

The new service will first be available to UK-registered businesses.

For Kenyan entrepreneurs and contractors doing business with clients in the UK, this service will lead to significant time and cost savings.

Traditional bank payments, which are still the dominant international transfer method for businesses sending money abroad to Kenya, can take up to a week and often incur high fees and exchange rates.

In contrast, WorldRemit’s low fees and exchange rates are shown up-front and customers can send money easily via the app or website.

Transfers to Kenya are processed within 24 hours or less and local entrepreneurs can receive payments via bank accounts, mobile money or cash pick-up.

Users sending funds to Kenya can easily track their transfers in real-time on the WorldRemit app and opt-in to receive daily exchange notifications to send money at the optimal time.

The UK is one of Kenya’s most important trading partners, with Kenya mainly exporting tea, coffee and horticultural products.

However, with the advent of digital technologies such as e-commerce, smaller entrepreneurs have been able to capture a growing share of UK-Kenya trade, especially in the service sector.

WorldRemit for Business will enable this new class of digital savvy Kenyan entrepreneurs to get paid quickly and securely.

Ismail Ahmed, founder and executive chairman at WorldRemit, said: “When I first started WorldRemit, I was frustrated with the high charges and long delays in sending money abroad both as a business owner and consumer.

Over the past nine years, we have made it easier for four million people around the globe to send and receive money.

“Today, we are pleased to extend that service offering to businesses, and put an end to the steep fees that many pay, especially when sending to Kenya.

“We are committed to making it quick, safe and easy for you to pay individuals across borders, leaving you to focus on growing your own business.”

Shane Lennox, senior product manager for business, said the new product seeks to bridge digital service gap to ease the pain of SMEs with international staff and contractors.

“With more people moving and settling across borders, the nature of business is becoming increasingly global. This […]will enable millions of SMEs to benefit from our award-winning convenient service,” he said.

WorldRemit customers complete over 1.4 million transfers every month from over 50 countries to 150 destinations using its app or website and remains committed to providing innovative solutions to meet money transfer needs across the world.

Earlier this year, the company announced new partnerships with NIC Bank and Gulf African Bank to further solidify its vast partnership network.

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